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 1. General Guidelines
Persian Kitty staff reviews each and every Website submission, to ensure quality traffic and a satisfying surfer experience. Therefore, to avoid delays in listing and ensure maximum traffic to your Gallery, you should familiarize yourself with our basic rules and guidelines.
  • All Free Sites must meet the Minimum content requirement: A combination of thirty (30) free pics, movies and/or stories minimum (not including banner ads) to be considered. If you do not list the number of images in your submission description, the submission will NOT be reviewed.
  • There is a limit of two (2) links (non-TGP) per individual/company. If you currently have two links, you can request that one be removed and replaced by the new listing. You can remove and replace sites up to three (3) times in a calendar month. Pages listed in PK's TGP do not count toward the 2 link rule nor do they need to be removed and replaced.
  • Sites that take too long to load will not be listed. Listed sites that take too long to load may be taken down without notice.
  • Sites whose domains are listed anonymously will not be listed. Domain owner and hosting information must be available by WHOIS.
  • Sites on Free Hosts may only be listed in the "Thumbnail Gallery Post" Section.
  • Submissions using the same set of "shared" images which everyone else is using shall be listed on a first-come basis.
  • No pop-up consoles or exit consoles. PKAL surfers have resoundingly shown their distaste for consoles. **Best bet** If you want to run entry and exit consoles on your site and also want a link on PKAL, perhaps create a copy of your entry page without the console scripts for your PKAL link.
  • If you're submitting an update on a currently listed free site, please be aware that the Updated notation is allowed on a listing only once in a 90 day period and not within 90 days of initially being listed as new.
  • No sites requiring membership in an Adult Verification System will be listed.
  • No hidden or hard to find "enter" buttons or links. No blind or misleading links. Thumbnails should link to their respective images, period.
  • No more than one full page ad (FPA). FPAs must be on site at the time the listing is submitted.
  • TEEN may only be in the title if the site features TEENS. If they look 25, they aren't TEENS and the site or gallery won't be listed as such.
  • PKAL will not list a Website that consists of celebrity pictures, unless you send us the associated license for said images.
  • Websites containing or implying bestiality or child porn will not be listed. Names such as "Lolita", "babies", "young" or "schoolgirls" will be banned.
  • If your Website looks like one giant ad for a a paysite, or if the noise to content ratio is too high, it will be dropped without further notice

 2. Reciprocal Links
If listed you are required to provide a Reciprocal link back to PKAL. Our spider program will crawl your site regularly to ensure the link stays in place.
  • Anchor your link back to http://www.persiankitty.com
  • CLICK HERE for a selection of Persian Kitty banners and buttons.
  • If your reciprocal link is not up prior to submission of your website, please make sure it is added upon receiving email notification of listing.

 3. Disqualification
We're serious about giving our visitors a quality surfing experience. That's why the rules and guidelines are so important. Sites and webmasters that continually violate these will be disqualified from further use of our resources.
  • Don't submit the same old site swith the same old pics, time after time.
  • If your hosting provider has problems or becomes too slow, your site will automatically disappear from our listings. This is normal.
  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL! We will email you if your submission is listed.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any site for any reason at any time.

 4. Disclaimer
  • Meow Media, Inc. and its entities provides links to Internet websites containing adult content.
  • Meow Media and its entities in no way warrants the legitimacy of the material contained on the site submitted.
  • By clicking the submit button you indemnify and hold harmless Meow Media and its entities from any legal issues relating to the distribution of said material by the site being submitted; including but not limited to copyright infringement,
    community standards and adult entertainment laws.
  • By this submittal, you are stating any images used in your site are in compliance with state 18 U.S.C. 2257.
  • PKAL and its entities reserves the right to not post and/or remove any links when presented with a valid case of trademark or copyright infringement from the trademark or copyright holders themselves. Any links removed for said reasons will not be reinstated until the infringed upon parties are satisfied.

  •  5. Agree To Our Terms
    By applying for a listing with us or using our service, you hereby state that you've read, accept and agree to the above terms and guidelines, and that you are an adult (18 years or older) who is not offended by sexually explicit content.

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